Lisa Cooley, Art Advisor

Lisa Cooley, Art Advisor



Lisa Cooley provides a comprehensive range of art advisory services, and focuses on artists working at the forefront of art history. We also research artworks and design objects from 1960 to the present.



Lisa has worked in the leading galleries of contemporary art for twenty years, including her eponymous gallery, which presented exhibitions for nine years in downtown New York, garnered reviews in Artforum, Frieze, The New York Times, and the New Yorker, and also placed artworks with many of the world's leading museums and private collections.



Collecting Art

Viewing art first hand, and meeting the artists, galleries, writers, and curators who are shaping current thought is one of the most fulfilling aspects of participating in the art world. We enjoy creating itineraries, making introductions to key players, and guiding our clients through landmark exhibitions in order to develop connoisseurship and understanding. We then collaborate with our clients to create a long-term strategy to navigate an art world that grows larger and more complex with each passing year. 

Lisa’s first art job was as a museum docent, guiding both experienced and non-experienced museum goers, and figuring out what aspect of the exhibitions on view would be most salient for them. She feels strongly about meeting each collector where they are, regardless of experience. To that end, she is developing a digital tool,  Good Looking, to teach art connoisseurship through pattern recognition and storytelling.



The art world has grown significantly in the last fifteen years, and prices for contemporary art have grown significantly as well. Even prices for young artists can be considerable and must be evaluated strategically. While some works by canonical artists are likely to hold value, works by many others might not, and prices can fluctuate, just as financial markets fluctuate. We can confidentially guide our clients between financial value and art historical value when making key decisions.